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Two Wheels For Life Raises Over A Quarter Of A Million Pounds!

This year's The Day of Champions at the British GP raised an outstanding £275k for Two Wheels for Life!

Two Wheels for Life is a charity founded by Andrea and Barry Coleman which works tirelessly across four African countries to make sure that crucial healthcare, education and medical supplies reach far flung communities. It gives doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals the transportation - motorcycles - needed to save lives in Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria and The Gambia.

Together Two Wheels and Riders for Health are training workers to ride, fuel, maintain and repair motorcycles to make sure they're always ready to ride. And because of this disease growth has reduced, outbreaks have been curbed, maternal and infant mortality rates are declining and African countries can target specific health issues.

Through fund-raising initiatives including Day of Champions at Silverstone, the support of Moto GP, partnerships with Yamaha and Harley-Davidson, attendance at motorcycle events like the Malle Mile and of course, the volunteers who make it all possible, Two Wheels for Life continues to be able to deliver on its mission.

No matter how poor or remote a community is, someone can always reach them thanks to those lifesaving two wheels.


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