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Aubrey's G-Wagon Incoming

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Aubrey Automobiles, our sister brand, has announced the launch of the Aubrey 002, it's first G-Wagon

With our taste for the rugged outdoors, and love of off-roading, it was a natural move to follow the Aubrey 001 Land Rover with our Aubrey 002, a 1980s Mercedes G-Wagon. Revisioned to our client's specification, this G-Wagon will be one-of-a-kind, setting the standard for bespoke G-Wagon builds.

In 1979 Mercedes-Benz debuted the Geländewagen, translated as "cross-country vehicle". Mercedes wanted to create an all-wheel drive vehicle that could climb mountains, drive farmers across their fields, yet was user-friendly on the roads. Over the years, and thanks to some exceptional marketing, the G-Wagon has become a status symbol.

The Aubrey G-Wagon will keep the true heritage and feel of the G-Wagons of old , the classy style and inimitable cool, while bringing some modern luxury touches that will turn heads from London to the coast.


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