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At Aubrey Peck we love to explore. Wherever that may take you in the world, we ensure you travel by the finest, most enjoyable modes possible. We’ve chosen these experiences, destinations and adventures to bring you closer to the great outdoors, all the while guaranteeing superlative comfort and the ultimate automotive experience. Curated by our travel experts down to the smallest detail. This is your ticket to our wide and wonderful world, on and off road, by land, sea and sky.



Spec your own Series Land Rover for a bespoke, self-drive safari across Kenya.


A private tented camp awaits deep in the bush of Kenya, overlooking an often-frequented watering hole by some of Africa’s greatest creatures. This experience, that promises unparalleled uniqueness, affords you the chance to drive some of Kenya’s most stunning natural landscapes - including an abundance of hills, ancient cedar forests and vast savannahs - tracking some of the country's most world-renown wildlife from the seats of your own customised Series Land Rover.


You will be invited to start the build process of your Series Land Rover from the very beginning, selecting a I, II, IIA or 3, before choosing everything bespoke from there on. Whether you fancy adding some creature comforts to your 1950s Series I - such as a lounge bed and drinks cabinet in the back for sunbathing or stargazing with your loved one - or extending your LWB Series III into something that fits all of the family comfortably with an extended tented Safari platform, we are able to build your vision, desires and needs into a reality. With final finishing touches available such as custom paint colours and interior trim, we aim to make your Land Rover feel as if it has been yours forever, and an integral part of your safari story.


Throughout your driving adventure, you will spend each night in an authentic yet sumptuous fashion - under canvas, in a tree hammock, in your Land Rover roof tent or even fly camping directly under the sky - enjoying hot showers and sinking into comfortable beds at the end of each day. Every waking hour is different as you venture through Kenya and beyond, designed with you and your Series Land Rover in mind, and the experience can cover as many miles as you like. 


When you’re not out driving the wilderness in pursuit of elephants, leopards, lions and buffalos with your own personal ranger and guard, you’ll be able to spend time doing a variety of other activities, including learning age-old traditions from the neighbouring Masai community, exploring the nearby caves systems, spending time in the bush kitchen cooking up local delicacies or even taking a private helicopter to a luxurious picnic on a remote hillside setting.


Each day ends with dinner around the campfire, sharing stories, whilst enjoying a cold beer or beverage of choice. We can even immerse you in the knowledge of one of our highly-skilled astronomers to talk you through the night sky.


This spec your own Series safari experience promises great driving opportunities - with fully off-road terrain from start-to-finish including river crossings, steep inclines, deep sand, rocks, mountains and lots of mud - alongside unrivalled interaction with the beating heart of Africa, its natural landscapes and its wildlife. 


And best of all, you get to take more than just memories home, as we can organise for your Land Rover to fly back with you too. Or, if you prefer, let it stay and await your next visit to this magnificent country.

Starting price from £38,000 for a two-week adventure. Please enquire for further details.

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Wild, romantic, and abundant in history. This could just be our favourite place in the world.


With charming isles with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, aside thick wooded pine forests, snow-capped mountains and rolling moors, Scotland always promises cinematic drama. Drive a car of your choice - from a Lamborghini to a Land Rover - on some of the greatest roads the world has to offer, spending nights under the stars; in a gothic castle, next to a blazing fire; or in a cosy game cottage cooking up your fruits from the the day's hunt; even pitched up on a private beach in your own canvas camp, where your ocean 'bath' beckons the next morning.

The possibilities in Scotland are endless and adventure is never far away, with activities such as off-roading, shooting, rafting, riding, scuba diving and flying all at your fingertips. And for those who fancy something a little more relaxing, Scotland boasts some of the very best whisky and gin distilleries, fine dining and local wildlife, all to sit back and enjoy.

Let us take you from the Highlands to the Islands, and back again, for the trip of a lifetime.

Get in touch for us to create a driving adventure truly personalised for you.




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